"Come To Jesus

and He will never

drive you away"

Jn  6:37   NIV

Our Values 

Love, Compassion, Charity & Comfort
From Love, compassion is born,and from compassion actions are taken to assist the needy who might deserve to be comforted. We believe in serving  better our community through the implementation of Christian values, God's love first before fostering mutual assistance and fair,balanced society. 

Impacting Our Community with a sense of Love and Charity

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Prayer program and services for members

  • We gather every week in Prayers and concentrate in Prayer requests to God our Creator
  • We share the gospel of Jesus Christ and conduct debates
  • We praise and worship as the bible recommends us to build up fellowship and connections.
  • We train members how to coordinate prayer meetings, staff meetings and social events like community outings for community building purpose.
  • We encourage members to apply God's love as an ideal concept to promote the good socio-economic changes and a balanced, fair Australian community.
  • We pray together as Christians  for the requests and God answers, heals His people.
  • We pray every week for our nation Australia;
  • We pray every week for our families; blessings and breakthroughs
  • We pray every week for our present and future generations
  • We do in-homes prayers for peace, harmony, healings and protection
  • We pray for sicknesses and deliverance
Ps. Sese Rashidi Meshak.
Shalom! I am the Senior Minister and Pastor of the Shalom Adoration Ministries Inc. I love God and I always want to serve him because He is a good father, He never disappoints, His name is Jehovah jireh! "The provider", sometimes I wonder why some people don't get involved in serving God, many of us ignore Him often because the world has already shaped what they should be focused onto. However with my 12 years now of serving Him, something very important has thoroughly inspired my entire life, He always considers your weakness as trigger for your success and prosperity while People around you will seek your qualities, abilities, strength and experiences to promote you or hire you at the high rank. He said in the bible that He will prepare your table in front of your enemies; He  raises the poor from zero to a hero, from nothing to something this is more lightened in Psalmt 113:7. I know  it may be your first time you reach this website, I would like to let you know "there is someone who loves you regardless of who or what you are, wherever you came from or whatever you stand for in your life,  God is good at all the time, He can heal your sickness, He can give you families, good friends, bright future, intelligence, connections and true peace of the heart if you don't have one. I have experienced the value of  putting your faith in the Lord, It is always rewarding. Whenever you need help or you are in sorrow or you are sick, full of misery or you need truly peace, come to Jesus Christ and trust Him,  He will surely provide to your request as said in Matthiew 11:28. Just take a step and let me pray for you, let us pray and you will get solutions(James 5:15-16) ; Please check regularly this site and you will be inspired. your life will never remain the same. May the almighty bless you all as I can see your future is brighter than You could imagine yourself. I Love you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Our lord and savior.
B e blessed.

City of PERTH.

Shalom Adoration Ministries Inc.

Christian Community Church

Registered Charity ABN: 42 302 172 457     

Community and Charitable Services

Our association is a not for profit Organization that manages its activities with the full heartfelt  supports from its members. We promote the sense of belonging, mutual assistances (Philanthropism) and Community togetherness through:

  • Community member’s outings;
  • Camping (subject to funding availability);
  • Free Computer services (For those who need to use our computer to finalize their assignments or printing their paper works and documents; Access internet and do some researches or applying for new jobs.
  • Assisting our volunteers to access the Working with Children Check at the very less cost of $ 11 instead of $ 82 
  • Assisting our volunteering staff to get their Police clearance Certificate at less cost of $15.90 instead of $ 61.80
  • In some extreme situation, we can assist financially, Promoting charity for the needy (subject to fund availability) the needy member who is in a misfortune status.
  • We can assist; work with other churches and organizations as stipulated in our constitution

Our outreach programs will help us bringing the love of God to the lives of many. At this stage we are still limited from implementing all the services and assistances to the members of our community. However we are hoping in a very near future to focus our community involvement in sensibilizing and mobilizing few Donations(i.e Children  Clothing...etc); Fundraising money for vulnerable members of the community or associations caring for vulnerable and identified homeless people.

 Refer to our Community activities menu tab for more... Stay Blessed!