• Community outings and networking at the Mills Park in Beckenham(Perth City WA) 2018
  • Community outings at the Hardey Park in Belmont(Perth City WA) 2013-2014

Socio-economical and spiritual Impacts.

The shalom adoration ministriesInc. has been advocating for the well being of all its community members in particular and  all human kind in general. The Idea is all starts with the Love, compassion, charity and comfort that Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the unmeasurable mercy of The almighty Father,has instructed us to practice. Everything of  fairness, mutual values, charity evolves from the true love which comes from GOD, therefore the reality that relies on the socio-economic issues of all communities should first have been dragged from the Love of God to human kind; we don't serve our communities by only assuming that this is the way we were taught how to assist, how to donate or how to become anthropic but this should be self generated within our bodies, our thoughts if not our deepest part of our heart. God has recommended us to love one another without hidden agendas or interests.(Romans 12:10). We  have been in service of the people through evangelisation, prayer meetings, members meetings, community members outings and mutual assistances in terms of financial help, learning more skills that could empower the members. Based on the Christianity principles we can can promote community building, enhance community cohesion and inclusion, enabling each other through social and economic services such as organising social events where people are involved to discover their potentialities or allowing those marginalized to participate in voluntary works with the great purpose of gaining new skills. these will definitively empower them.this is where social enterprise differs from charity agency; charity could perfectly bring solution to those in needs but for a limited period as clients seem to rely on its existence, what if the charity is gone? however on the other side Social enterprise constitutes a strategy that gives long term tools for those in social disparity that builds their self esteem and make them more active citizen. 

Financial assistance: 

Actions speak better than words; This year 2015, In the same path of community capacity building, the association Shalom Adoration Ministries with its exceptional and committed members has financially assisted one of community members, Ms Anne Marie who is currently our Senior Counsellor, a legendary woman of actions, to complete her Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation Study course which was a requirement to secure her main job of Child Educator. This was unimaginable anthropocentric attitude that everyone should practice for the broader interest.

Community Outings:

The association has organised many social outings in different parks like Hardy park in belmont in 2014 , within its scope of bringing families together, building a sense of belonging and sharing stories and cultural diversities especially for people from culturally and  linguistically diverse (CaLD) background.

Members meetings:

We routinely meet with members to sort out and identify what and how we could improve our involvement in the community development and we meet weekly to praise and worship, singing and pray together at our site of services(19, Alcock street, Maddington WA 6109) We welcome everybody to join our journey of promoting love, compassion, charity and comfort for the better balanced community development.

After prayer meeting session at our site of services in Maddington 19 Alcock street. 2015
  • Ms Anne Marie, The Counsellor, with her cardiopulmonary resuscitation Qualification.