About Shalom Adoration Ministries Inc. "SAMI"


Our Philosophy

"To promote the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ through Charity; Compassion; Re-comfort and Love of God from which the community behavioral, psychological and spiritual changes depend on."
At Shekinah Adoration Ministry Inc., we believe in sharing the joy of the gospel daily, and living a life that embodies the spirit of Christ.
Our vision:

"To create a human sustainable and compassionate Community or a world where people value Unity, respect and assistance through Christianity principles"
* The Shalom Family of Australia-PERTH

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Committee Director:

1-Pastor Sese Rashidi -Senior Minister/chairman
2-Assisting Pastor Koffi Lawson: Dept. of Intercession
3-Maurice Mashango R.-Vice Minister(Admin)
4-Alice Mboneye-Treasurer(Finances)
5-Anne marie Mashango -Senior Elder(Counselling)
6- Jean Pierre- Depute Elder/Counselor
7-Julienne Rashidi-Secretary(On leave)
8-Julien Rashidi - President of Praise and Worship Team
9-Mimi Ninziza - Chief Protocol/Events Supervisor
10-Pastor Edward Mugambi- Representative of African missions


Shalom Adoration Ministries's brief History

We are a Christian community Church ( with pentecostal foundation) , a registered charity and a community fellowship that promotes life of prayer, the gospel of Jesus Christ, togetherness and the love of God through evangelization, prayer sessions, mutual assistance and community activities.We come together every week, to pray for each other, for specific needs and to listen to what God speaks to us. In fact right throughout the new testament, we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. SHALOM is a hebrew  and a biblical word that means "PEACE " 
The conception of the Church(SAMI) was a long term initiative which took nearly 9 years(from 2003 up to 2012) before reaching its establishment in Western Australia. The inception of this Ministry of God was a result of the calling God has showed and promised HIS servant Pastor Meshak Sese in 2007. However many signs came appeared to him whilst serving as an evangelist and the General secretary of The Rhema Pentecostal Church in Lubumbashi, Katanga Province of The CONGO Democratic. The healing powers of God through Prayers were manifested, He could experience sick people receiving their miracle; those who were abandoned, God provided them with families.God decided to put a word in his heart, he heard a voice in his heart whispering " My people perish  for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6"  It came several times, and he realized if we could all understand the will of God toward human kind, there would be no more cry, no more discrimination, no more  hatred because we could know the Love of God and expend it to all humanity. no more abandoned children because we could all feel like they belong to everyone as one family before God.
Then When God enabled him to come to Australia he decided together with his fellow servant Maurice Mashango R. to found SAMI that will promote the knowledge of God , His Love through evangelism and training other to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ from which true assistance, Peace,unity, compassion and comfort will certainly be realized in our communities. In 2013 the association shaped its future after the servants of God : Malice Mboneye, Anne marie Mashango, Jean Pierre, Tiffanie B., Julien Rashidi, Mimi Ninziza, Julienne R, and Pastor John Isaji, Pastor Patrick Akhonya, Brother Sadick joined the team and promoted the movement in Australia.Webelieve, we can better serve our communities and promote the socio-economic changes to the people through Christian values  of love,compassion, charity and comfort.

Our faith:

  • We believe that there is only one GOD, who created all thing, who is immensurable, perfect and everlastingly existent in three persons, father, son and holy spirit.(1 John 5:4-7)
  • we believe in His only son Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour as highlightened in the Holy bible.
  • ​we believe the Holy bible is the only inspirational word of God we should follow and practice.
  • We believe in the Holy spirit and his healing power
  • We believe in praying in the name of Jesus Christ

Who is  the Senior Minister

His name is Sese Rashidi Meshak. He is an Australian of a Congolese descent; A born again Christian, who has served God since his calling in 2003 till now. He is married to his lovely wife Nsimire Therese Runiga with 2 little children. They are all serving God with different gifts of Preaching and gospel singing. Their dedication in the service of God has been of paramount significant in the mission of the Church. The anointing of God has always been upon them to fulfill God's will.

​​​Education and spiritual background:

He has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics in 2005 at University of Lubumbashi(DRC); Diploma of Ministry (Leadership & Pastorship); Certificate of achievement in Bible and Pastoral Training Course at The Shekinah Ministries International (Nairobi/Kenya) and  Certificate of Ordination Ref: CO/004/2007 as an Assisting Pastor. Now he has completed a Postgraduate Degree Cert. in human Services with Griffith University.Both of these last two qualifications were obtained in Nairobi-KENYA in 2007 and ordained as pastor by spiritual father Apostle Elisha Muliri within Shekinah Ministries International Inc., the Church founded by the Late Angela Chibalonza and the Apostle Elisha Muliri who were his Spiritual Parents. however before his transition to these qualifications, He has worked as Deacon, evangelist and President of Youth within Evangelical Church "Source de Vie"( Lubumbashi, 2003-2004). after that he joined Praise and worship team, then evangelist and General secretary within SEI Rhema Pentecostal Church( Congo,2004-2006) From 2006 he moved to Nairobi KENYA where He consistently dedicated his life to serve God with His spiritual Parents Apostle Muliri and Angela Chibalonza(the late) until 2009 when he traveled  to Australia. Basically he served in most of all different departments and for sure enabled him to hasten his maturity. He worked in different churches and denominations around the world(Lubumbashi-DR Congo; Uvira-Congo, Ruashi-Congo, Nairobi-Kenya, Turkana District-Kenya and Perth-Australia..etc). Also before the official foundation of SAMI, He worked as  Pastor assistant, Co-founder and precursor of Omega Pentecostal Church Inc. in Perth AUSTRALIA